Two Together Railcard Terms & Conditions

Conditions of issue and use of the Two Together Railcard and reduced priced tickets (‘discounted tickets’) bought with a Two Together Railcard.

ATOC Ltd enters into a contract with You for the issue and use of the Two Together Railcard on behalf of the Train Companies. Reference to a ‘Train Company’ or the ‘Train Companies’ means those Train Companies which, pursuant to a franchise agreement, operate Passenger Railway Services in Great Britain. Any other licensed passenger train operators that may join the arrangement will accept the Two Together Railcard for travel on their services. References to ‘You’ and ‘Your’ mean the First named cardholder. References to ‘Railcard’ mean the Two Together Railcard.

  1. Both You and the Second named cardholder must sign the Railcard before use to show acceptance of all the conditions listed. The name and photo of the Second named cardholder must be provided at the time of purchase.
  2. The Railcard and tickets bought with the Railcard are not transferable and must not be given, loaned or resold to anyone else. Only the named cardholders can use the Railcard.
  3. Both tickets must be bought together and both named cardholders must be travelling together to enable discounted tickets to be used.
  4. Both named cardholders must be aged 16 or over.
  5. Railcards purchased online will incorporate photographs for You and the Second named cardholder. If You have a Railcard that does not incorporate your photographs, You must carry a separate Two Together Photocard containing a photograph of You and the Second named cardholder and You must present this in any circumstance where You present Your Railcard (buying tickets or travelling with reduced priced tickets).
  6. Tickets for Your journey should be purchased before boarding the train. When buying tickets in person from a member of staff either You or the Second named cardholder must show the Railcard. If You are buying online or from a ticket vending machine (TVM) You must declare that You have a valid Railcard by selecting the Two Together Railcard option.  This does not apply if:

    • there was no ticket office at the station at which You began the journey or if the ticket office was closed, and

    • there was no working ticket machine from which You could buy discounted tickets

    • You have a disability which prevented You accessing ticket retailing facilities

      In these cases You will be able to use Your Railcard on train or at Your destination.

  7. You must carry Your Railcard with You on Your journey and when asked by rail staff, You must show a valid Railcard and tickets valid for the journey You are making. If You fail to do so, the Train Companies reserve the right to charge You and the Second named cardholder the full price Standard or First Class Single fare as appropriate for Your journey as if no tickets were purchased before starting the journey and in some cases a Penalty Fare.
  8. Discounts are not valid for travel from 04:30 – 09:29 hours, Monday to Friday, except on Public Holidays. For full details please enquire at a station ticket office before You travel, phone National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50.
  9. The Railcard will not be valid if it is damaged. The Train Companies do not undertake to replace damaged, lost or stolen Railcards, or to issue refunds on unused/unwanted Railcards, or to extend their validity.  Customers who have a Railcard issued by the online service may only request one replacement from A £10 administration fee will be payable for the replacement of a damaged or lost Railcard. No fee will be charged for the replacement of a stolen Railcard provided You have a crime reference number/documentation issued by the Police.
  10. The Railcard and all tickets issued at a Railcard discount are issued subject to the National Rail Conditions of Carriage and the conditions listed here. Copies of the National Rail Conditions of Carriage are available online at
  11. The Railcard is not Your property and if requested must be handed in to a representative of any Train Company. In these cases the member of staff will give You written evidence that they have taken possession of the Railcard.
  12. The right is reserved to revise these conditions. The Train Companies will endeavour to give three months’ notice of any changes before they are due to come into effect.


Fraudulent use of Railcards and Railcard discounted tickets may lead to criminal prosecution.

Terms and Conditions listed above are valid up to and including 2 September 2017.


Here you can buy a Railcard for you or someone else, update your details and report your Railcard as lost/stolen.