Frequently Asked Questions?

Most frequently asked questions

  • Why can’t I have a refund or extension?

    After careful consideration, the government has confirmed to us that Railcards will remain non-refundable and will not be extended. Refunding or extending Railcards for over 5.1m customers would come at a significant cost to the taxpayer, at a time when the focus must be on maintaining rail services to support the country’s recovery from the pandemic. Please rest assured that this decision hasn’t been taken lightly and was made at the highest level.

  • I haven’t been able to travel by train so I should get a refund for my Railcard. Why can’t I have one?

    Rail services continued to run throughout the pandemic to support key workers and the economy. Anyone who continues to travel by train with a valid Railcard can use their Railcard discount on their journey if they are eligible to do so. Many customers can make back the £30 cost of a Railcard in just one journey, which is why they are non-refundable. 

  • Why would the taxpayers have to pay for a Railcard refund or extension?

    Due to the pandemic far fewer people have been travelling by train. This means that the government is offering additional financial backing to the rail industry so that services keep running to the economy. 

  • I’ve never used my Railcard so why can’t I get a refund?

    When you next travel by train a valid Railcard will save you 1/3 off most rail fares. The cost of buying a Railcard can be made back in just one journey, which is why it’s included in the Terms and Conditions at the time of purchase. 

  • Why has it taken so long to update customers on refunds and extensions following lockdown?

    The rail industry and the Government have been working together on numerous proposals to try and find a way forward for Railcard customers. Unfortunately, these conversations take time, especially when they happen at the highest level. 

  • Why can’t the train companies pay for the extension?

    Due to the pandemic fewer people have been travelling by train. Funding is currently being used to keep services running to support the economy. 

  • How can I change my address details?

    Please go to "Login and Manage your account" from the homepage log into your account. You will be given the option to update your details from your account summary screen.

  • How do I renew my Two Together Railcard?

    You can renew your Two Together Railcard online, either log into your online account if you have one, or create a new account. 

    If you are renewing a Railcard bought at a station, please remember to declare this on your application so that you do not lose any validity if you are renewing early.

  • Can I renew to a digital Railcard?

    Yes! You can renew your Railcard within 30 days of its expiry to a digital or a plastic Railcard.

    Just log into your account and select 'digital' when completing the application process.

  • I can’t find the digital Railcard download code

    Check your mailbox (including your junk mail) for an email from our Railcard team.

    If you still can’t find it, log into your Two Together Railcard account and follow the links to ask for a new code.

  • What do I do if my Railcard is stolen?

    If your Railcard has been stolen and you have been given a crime reference number or documents by the Police, then we will give you a free replacement.
    To replace a stolen Railcard you bought online, please log into your account and follow the replacement process, you will need to quote your crime reference number. You can also call our Helpline on 0345 3000 250.
    To replace a stolen Railcard you bought at a station you need to go to a station with your crime reference number/documentation and some form of identification.

  • How can I remove my Railcard from an existing device?

    To remove your Railcard from an existing device you will need to log into your account and find the option to 'Manage your Railcard'.

    Then just choose the device you want to remove your card from.

  • My digital Railcard download code won’t work

    Your download code may have expired or been used on too many devices.

    Log into your account and request a new digital Railcard download code.

    You can only store your digital Railcard on a maximum of 2 devices, so you may need to remove your Railcard from an existing device to add it to a new one.

  • What is an acceptable image to use for my Railcard?

    The image should be a good recognisable likeness of you.

    We prefer colour pictures but black and white images are acceptable. Your head and shoulders should be in close-up, with your face clearly visible and filling approximately 70% of the frame (in the same way it would for a passport or driving licence). The image must be in sharp focus.

    Please make sure that your face is not obscured by hats or hair.

    The file of your photo must be either a .jpg, .bmp, or a .gif and must not exceed 2MB with a resolution of at least 300dpi. We will reject photos if they are not appropriate and ask you for a more suitable image.

  • How long do I have to wait for my Railcard to arrive?

    If you are buying your Railcard online we will despatch it within one working day, and send it free by UK Mail. Please allow five working days for your Railcard to arrive.

    You have the option of paying £6.50 for our Special Delivery service. Providing you have placed your order before 1600hrs this will guarantee that your Railcard is delivered within two days (Monday to Thursday) or three days (Friday to Sunday).

    You will not be able to collect your Railcard from a rail station. We add an extra week’s validity to your Railcard to allow for delivery time.

    If your delivery address is outside Britain, please select the digital Railcard option.

    You cannot travel on discounted tickets until you have received your Railcard. You cannot use your printed out confirmation of sale to get discount. The Railcard is the only proof of entitlement to discount that rail staff are able to accept.

  • I have lost money because I have been unable to use my Railcard. How do I get this back?

    Though we do not recommend purchasing discounted tickets prior to the Railcard being in your possession, we want to ensure that nobody is left out of pocket by the problems and is able to travel at Railcard discounted prices. 

    If you had to pay extra or a penalty fare, please Direct Message us via Twitter or Facebook with your details, the proof of purchase and your tickets. 

  • How long until the issue is fixed?

    Our website is now working although a few intermittent technical issues remain, of which we are aware and which are impacting a very small amount of cases. We are working continuously to resolve any difficulties and minimise the disruption.  We will notify customers when all the issues have been fixed and apologise sincerely for the inconvenience caused.  

  • Can I still buy a Railcard?

    Our website is functioning and 99% of people are not experiencing difficulties. Additionally, you can buy a Two Together Railcard at any staffed National Rail ticket office.

  • Why am I having difficulties getting my Railcard?

    Our website recently underwent essential, planned maintenance to upgrade and improve existing technology and enable a much quicker, smoother buying process. This was the biggest upgrade in 7 years and the core maintenance was completed within a 24-hour period. While 99% of people are using the website without any problems, some outstanding issues have been identified and we are working continuously to bring these to a close as a matter of urgency, while ensuring that we apply suitable due diligence to resolve these and ensure our customers’ data security. We apologise sincerely for any difficulties.

  • How do I make a complaint?

    In the first instance please contact Railcard Customer Services who will endeavour to resolve any issues that you have. 

    We're open from 0700hrs to 2200hrs everyday of the year except for Christmas day.  You can:

    Email us:

    Call us on:       0345 3000 250

    Write to:           National Railcards
                              PO Box 10776
                              LE65 9FA  

     If you are not satisfied with the resolution we give you are entitled to contact:

  • Can visitors to Britain buy the Two Together Railcard?

    Yes, you can. 

    If your delivery address is outside Britain, please select the digital Railcard option.

    You can also buy a Railcard at Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport rail stations, Luton Airport Parkway and Manchester Airport – but NOT at London Heathrow Airport.

  • Can we renew our Two Together Railcard?

    Yes.  You can renew your Two Together Railcard within 30 days before the expiry date on the Railcard.  We will send you a reminder notice providing that we have an email address for you. (Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure that your Railcard is valid for every journey that you make with it.)

  • Which train companies give Railcard discounts?

    You can use your Railcard on all franchised train operating companies that provide services within England, Scotland and Wales.

    Railcards do not give discounts on Eurostar services, Charter services, and Heritage Railways unless state otherwise

  • What are the last posting dates over the Christmas period?

    It’s a very busy time of year for Royal Mail so if you would like to order a plastic Railcard, it might take longer for it to arrive during the festive season. The good news is, you don’t need to rely on the post. Choose to receive your Railcard digitally and it will be available instantly.

    If you would still like the plastic version and to ensure your order is with you before Christmas day, please complete your order before 4pm on Sunday 15th December or use our Special Delivery service no later than Tuesday 17th December. If you are ordering a Railcard by our standard service between Monday 16th December and Thursday 2nd January 2020, please expect delivery by Saturday 11th of January.



  • Will I receive the Railcard discount on any chargeable items I take on the train with me?

    No. The Railcard discount does not cover charges on various articles or animals. For details of which items carry a charge, and details of the charges, please call National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50.

  • I wear a burka or a niquab – will have to show my face in the photograph?

    All customers must provide a photograph. The photo should have been taken with nothing covering the outline of eyes, nose or mouth. The rail industry applies the same rules as the DVLA and Passport Agency, so photos with a person wearing a full facial burka / niqab (a veil that covers the face) are not acceptable. If a member of rail staff is unable to validate that the person on your Railcard is you, the Train Companies reserve the right to charge you the full price Standard Single fare for your journey as if no ticket was purchased before starting the journey and in some cases a Penalty Fare.

  • When buying tickets, do both Railcard holders have to be present?

    One Railcard holder will, but there is no need for both of you to be present at time of purchase. However, please remember you both must buy both tickets at the same time and make the journey together.

  • Can I use my Railcard to save on more than just train travel?

    You sure can! We've worked with partners to give you some great offers. It's best to check on the Two Together Railcard website for details. If you're opted in to receive emails from us, we will contact you with our latest offers.

  • Can I use my Railcard for tickets for travel on the London Underground?

    You cannot use your Two Together Railcard to get discounts on Oyster Pay As You Go or tickets bought from London Underground retailers.

    However, you can buy discounted rail tickets for a journey which involves a cross London journey using the Underground to travel between two London mainline train stations. Anytime and Off-Peak Travelcards are also available when bought as part of your National Rail ticket to London from outside London Zones 1-9, subject to a minimum fare of £18.10 for Anytime and £8.30 for Off-Peak.


  • Do I have to be in a relationship with the other cardholder to have a Two Together Railcard?

    No, not necessarily, it can be any other adult you want to travel with. The other adult will be named on the Railcard.

  • Can I travel on discounted tickets if my Railcard expires before I complete my journey?

    Discounted tickets are only valid if you are using them with a valid Railcard. If you Railcard expires before the end of your journey then you will need to renew it to be able to complete your trip using expired tickets. If the only Railcard you have is expired you will not be able to continue to use your discounted tickets.

  • Can I use auto-renewal?

    Auto-renewal allowed customers to have their 1-year Railcards renew automatically 14 days before the expiry date using their existing debit/credit payment details.

    The auto-renewal option was removed from the website on 4 April 2019.

    The final auto-renewals were made on 3 April 2019 for Railcards expiring on 17 April 2019. Therefore, customers who selected auto-renewal when they purchased and have an expiry date after 17 April 2019, will need to renew through their online account instead.

    Some customers may have received an email saying that their Railcard would be renewed automatically, but if it has an expiry date after 17 April 2019, this will not have been attempted. Railcards can be renewed up to 30 days before their expiry date through an online account, by clicking the “RENEW” button and following the instructions from there.

  • What happens if I don't have my Railcard with me and I have to buy a new ticket or pay a Penalty Fare?

    If you are travelling by train on a ticket with a Railcard discount, you must travel with your valid Railcard. If you forget your Railcard you will either be required to buy a new ticket or you may on certain services be liable for a Penalty Fare. However, a train company will normally allow you to claim back this extra expense on the first occasion in each year where this happens.

    Each train company will have their own process for doing this. You will need to provide proof of your Railcard and either the original and additional tickets that you have purchased, or if you have not yet paid, details of the notice to pay or notice of Penalty Fare. Where you have already paid for additional tickets you should contact the relevant train company’s customer services department; in the case of a notice to pay of notice of Penalty Fare, you should follow the instructions included on how to challenge or appeal the charge.

  • Can we claim a refund if we don't use our Railcard?

    No. The Two Together Railcard is non-refundable. Please click here for specific terms that relate to our online service.

  • What other National Railcards are there?

    If Two Together Railcard isn't for you, there are other National Railcards

    - for 16-25 year olds or mature students studying full time -

    - for 26-30 year olds -

    - people travelling with at least one child –

    - those aged 60 or over –

    - if you have a disability –

    Some train companies also offer regional Railcards -


  • Can I buy a Two Together Railcard?

    Yes.  If you are aged 16 or over you can buy a Two Together Railcard.

  • I am having trouble uploading my photos what can I do?

    We're sorry that you've experienced problems whilst uploading a photograph. There can be a number of causes for this - some of which are difficult to diagnose. We’ve compiled a list of trouble-shooting tips that you can try before contacting us:


    • Retry the photo upload. Close your web browser before restarting it and logging in again


    • Enable Javascript on your web browser. Your web browser may be configured in a way that it makes uploading the photo more difficult (such as having the Javascript disabled).  Please check your settings and ensure that Javascript is enabled


    • Make sure you have up-to-date web browser software. Although our website supports the top browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera), some older versions of these browsers are more likely to cause problems uploading image files to our website. Try updating your web browser to the latest version, or try a different web browser/computer


    • Make sure your image is 2 megabytes (2Mb) in size or less. We accept images up to 2Mb in size but the smaller the file the better - it will take less time to transfer to our servers. Crop your photograph before uploading and/or reduce the quality but be careful - the picture still needs to be clear enough to print on the Railcard


    • Check that your internet service provider (ISP) is not experiencing problems. These are often difficult to detect but if other websites are unusually slow (especially noticeable when downloading images), then your ISP may be having network issues or might be congested. You may want to check with your ISP by visiting their 'service status' webpage


    If you have done all of the above and are still experiencing problems, then please call us on 0345 3000 250.


  • Why isn’t there a 3-year Two Together Railcard?
    A: The Two Together Railcard is a new product and Train Companies are monitoring its success with a view to deciding how the Railcard develops in the future.

  • Where can I buy a Two Together Railcard?
    A: You can buy a Two Together Railcard from any National Rail staffed station ticket office or online at

  • What do I need to buy a Two Together Railcard?
    A: To buy a Two Together Railcard you will need the names and photos of the two people who will be named on the Railcard.  Please ensure that you have permission from both applicants to use their names and photos before submitting your application.

  • Will you be contacting the other named person on the Railcard?
    A: We will only be in contact with the person who is designated as the Main Cardholder.

  • What methods of payment are acceptable?
    A: We accept online payment via credit and debit cards. The cards accepted are: Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, Maestro and Solo.

    We cannot accept American Express or Diner's Club.

  • Can I buy a Railcard for another person?
    A: Yes, you can buy a Two Together Railcard or any other relevant Railcard for a friend or family member as long as they are eligible for the Railcard you are getting them. If you are buying a 16-25 Railcard or a Senior Railcard you will need to supply the evidence (such as a passport or driving licence code) to prove their eligibility.

    To order the Railcard log in to your account (or register one if you do not already have one) and then when you get to the question, "Is this Railcard for you or someone else?" choose the option for "someone else" and continue the process. You will have the option of having the Railcard delivered to the UK address of your choosing. The Railcard

    will then be sent along with information as to how the Railcard holder can create their Railcard account if they wish.

  • Can I buy tickets at a discounted rate before my Railcard arrives?

    No. You must carry your Railcard with you on any journey where you have bought discounted tickets with the Railcard.

    Therefore, if you buy discounted Railcard tickets before you receive your Railcard, you do this at your own risk.

  • My Railcard has not arrived in the post, what can I do?

    You will need to wait FIVE working days and then log back in to your Railcards online account, select ‘Replace your Railcard’ and then click on the ‘Not received’ button on the left.

    If you then press ‘continue’ this completes the replacement application process. Please check that your address is correct before you order. You will be sent a free replacement provided you do this within 30 days of your purchase date. We believe this is long enough for a customer to notify us they have not received their Railcard.

    If 30 days has passed from your date of purchase you can still request a replacement card, but you will have to pay a £10 replacement fee.

  • I have a promotion code but it isn't working, what can I do?

    Please check that you have read each character of the code correctly. We do try to use codes that are easy to read, but occasionally applicants might confuse,

    • the letter “I” with the number “1”
    • the letter “O” with the number “0”(zero)
    • the letter “S” with the number “5”.


    If any of these characters appear in your code please try their alternatives. If this does not work please call us on 0345 3000 250 and we will be able to check the status of the code you have.

  • I already have a Railcard, can I also buy a Two Together Railcard?
    A: Yes, if you hold any other Railcard (including another Two Together Railcard) you can still buy a Two Together Railcard.

  • How many Two Together Railcards can I have?
    A: There is no limit on the number of Two Together Railcards you can hold.

  • Can one of the cardholders be a child?
    A: No. The Two Together Railcard is for two adults (people aged 16 or over) travelling together. It gives no discount on child fares. If you are an adult travelling with a child then the Family & Friends Railcard is the Railcard you need.

  • What other national Railcards give discounts people travelling together?

    The Family & Friends Railcard allows up to four adults and four children to travel together providing that at least one of the party is a child – for more information see or pick up a leaflet from a rail station.

    The Disabled Persons Railcard saves money for the person who has the Railcard and one companion travelling with them – for more information see or pick up a leaflet from a rail station.

  • What is a digital Railcard?

    When buying a Railcard, customers will have the choice of receiving it in a physical format (such as card or plastic), or in a digital format.

    Customers will be able to start using their digital Railcards quicker as they don't need to be sent in the post.

    Digital Railcards can also be stored on up to two devices.

  • How can I buy a digital Railcard?

    Digital Railcards can be bought online only. Click on 'Buy Now' from the homepage to get started.

    In most cases, you should get your digital Railcard instantly.


  • How do I add a digital Railcard to my phone?

    If you have already bought a digital Railcard, you should have received a 'digital Railcard download code' by email.

    Once you've got this code, go to the app, tap on the ‘+’ button in the top left of the screen and enter your code.

  • Why is my new digital Railcard showing as 'Expired'?

    We are aware that some customers aren't currently able to see their new digital Railcard within their apps and are instead getting a status of 'Expired'.

    We are looking to get this changed, but the simple reason this is happening, is because your existing Railcard still has validity left on it and your new digital Railcard hasn't yet started.

    You will be able to use your existing Railcard right up until it expires and switches across to your new digital Railcard.

    We're looking at changing the messaging within the app to make this less confusing. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

  • What happens if I have no battery life or can’t show my Railcard?

    If you don’t have any battery life, or have forgotten your device, it won't be possible to check that your Railcard discount is valid.

    You could be asked to buy a single ticket for your journey, or be issued with a Penalty Fare.

    If do you get caught out while travelling, you can make one claim a year to be refunded for any extra fare or penalty you incur.


  • I have a plastic Railcard, can I swap it for a digital one?
    A: Unfortunately you are unable to swap a plastic Railcard to a digital Railcard. However, when the time comes to renew your Railcard you can do this online and choose to have a digital Railcard. 

  • What happens if I don’t have reception or I am offline?

    Don't worry, once your digital Railcard is on your phone, it will be available even when you have no mobile data or Wi-Fi.

    As long as your mobile device has connected to the internet at some point within the last 72 hours, your app will continue to show your Railcard.

    You will need an internet connection though to buy a new Railcard or add a Railcard to a new device.

  • What happens if I lose my device?

    If you lose your device, you can easily add your Railcard to a new one.

    If your Railcard is already stored on two devices, follow the instructions to remove it from the lost phone to add it to a new one.

  • How do I unblock my Railcard?

    You will need to contact our customer support team so that we can better understand the activity that has caused your Railcard to be blocked.

    If appropriate, they will be able to help you get back online with your Railcard.

  • Why has my card been blocked?

     If we detect suspicious activity on your Railcard, it will be blocked until we have had the chance to speak to you.

    During this period, your Railcard will no longer be valid for travel.

    If your Railcard has been blocked, you will need to contact our customer support team.

    **Excessive device changing can result in a Railcard being blocked**

  • Why can’t I add my Railcard to another device?

    You can store your digital Railcard on up to two devices at a time.

    If you want to add it to a third, you will need to remove it from one of your existing devices through your account.

  • How quickly will I get my new digital Railcard?

     In most cases, you should get your Railcard instantly.


  • What is the digital Railcard download code?

    You need a digital Railcard download code to add your Railcard to your app.

    You can find this code in the email we send after you complete your Railcard application.

  • Is my phone compatible for a digital Railcard?

    The Railcard App is available to download from the Apple Store and the Google Play store.

    The app is compatible with Android and iPhone devices only.

    The Railcard app is not compatible with Windows Phones.

  • Can I have a plastic and digital version of my Railcard?

    Unfortunately you can only have one version of your Railcard – either plastic or digital. Once you have purchased your Railcard you cannot change the type of Railcard you have.

  • Can I travel with my Two Together Railcard at any time of the day?
    A: You can travel on Two Together Railcard discounted tickets from 09:30am Monday to Friday and at any time on weekends and public holidays.  Two Together Railcard discounted tickets cannot be used between 04:30am and 09:30am Monday to Fridays (excluding public holidays).

  • Do we need to start and end our journeys together for the Two Together Railcard discount to be valid?
    A: Yes, you must travel together throughout your whole journey, for both named cardholders to be eligible for the Two Together Railcard discount.

  • Can I use the Two Together Railcard when I am travelling on my own?
    A: No. The Railcard is for use by you and the second named adult on your Railcard when you are travelling together. The two named cardholders must travel together for the entire journey for their discounted tickets to be valid.

  • Why can’t the Two Together Railcard be used before 09.30 Monday to Friday?
    A: The Two Together Railcard is designed to encourage leisure journeys which tend to take place after the busy morning peak period.

  • Can I travel with a Two Together Railcard discounted ticket in the evening peak?
    A: Yes, providing your ticket type is valid during the evening peak you should be able to travel. The only restriction with the Two Together Railcard is during the morning peak period.

  • Can I purchase First Class tickets with my Railcard?
    A: Yes, First Class tickets can be purchased using your Two Together Railcard.

  • Is there a minimum fare?
    A: There is no minimum fare for Two Together Railcard discounted National Rail tickets.

  • Will I have to pay the full fare if I forget to bring my Railcard when I travel?
    A: Yes. You must have your Railcard with you on every journey and show it when your tickets are checked. Failure to show your Railcard may result in you being treated as if you had no valid tickets for the journey, which could lead to you being required to buy new full price tickets and / or pay a penalty fare.

  • Can I use my Railcard if I buy my ticket on the train?

    Only if there is no ticket office, or the ticket office is closed and there is no ticket machine available to buy your discounted ticket at the station at which you began your journey.  If this is the case you can buy your discounted ticket from on-train staff or at your destination station.

    Otherwise, if ticket facilities were available at the station you could be charged the full price Standard Single fare.

  • Can I reserve my seat if booking a ticket in advance?
    A: Yes, if reservations are available on your chosen service.

  • Can I get a discount on Season tickets and period Travelcards with a Two Together Railcard?
    A: No, we’re sorry but the Railcard gives no discount on these ticket types.

  • Can I use my Railcard in conjunction with Train Company special offers?
    A: This will be dependent on the conditions of each offer, please contact the Train Company that is providing the offer to get full details.  You can also ask at your local station for details of a specific offer or check with National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50 or

  • Can I use the Railcard in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland?

    Railcards can be used for rail discounts in the area known as Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). They cannot be used for rail travel in either in Northern Ireland nor the Republic of Ireland.

    If you live in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland you can buy a Railcard to use for travelling in Scotland, Wales or England. For more information on concessionary rail travel schemes in Northern Ireland please see or the Republic of Ireland please see

  • Can I use my Railcard to buy tickets for other people?
    A: No, the Railcard can only be used to buy discounted tickets for its named cardholders.

  • Can I buy a Two Together Railcard to travel with a colleague on business?
    A: Providing you are making your journey together, there are no restrictions on the reason for your journey.

  • Where can I buy tickets with my Two Together Railcard?
    A: You can buy Two Together Railcard discounted tickets at staffed station ticket offices, at ticket vending machines or online.

  • I travel with my friend/colleague but then get off the stop before they do. Is this acceptable?
    A: No. Both of you need to be travelling together for the entire duration of the journey. If one of you leaves early, both of your tickets will cease to be valid.

  • Two Together Railcard Terms & Conditions

    There are important terms and conditions that you need to understand before you use your Railcard. Please click on the link to the Two Together Railcard terms and conditions to read these:

    Two Together Railcard - terms and conditions

  • Links to Railcard Terms & Conditions

    There are important terms and conditions that you need to understand before you use your Railcard. Please click on the link to the Railcard you are purchasing to read the terms and conditions relevant to you:

    16-25 Railcard - terms and conditions

    Family & Friends Railcard - terms and conditions

    Senior Railcard - terms and conditions

    Two Together Railcard - terms and conditions

  • Can I get a Two Together Railcard discount on Rover or Ranger tickets?

    Yes, you can get Two Together Railcard discounts on a number of Rover and Ranger tickets. Please check with your local station or visit for more details.

  • Can I laminate the paper Railcard I have bought from a station to protect it?

    No. Please do not laminate your Railcard. In most instances the heat of a laminating machine will turn the surface of your Railcard black, damaging it and making it illegible. If this happens you will need to buy a replacement Railcard (for a fee of £10 if you have had no previous replacements).

    Laminated Railcards cannot be accepted by rail staff as the lamination makes it difficult to validate that the Railcard has not been tampered with.

    To protect your Railcard please keep it in a plastic ticket wallet which is available for free from any staffed station.

  • Can I change the name of the second cardholder when I renew my Railcard?

    Yes, you can.

    If you are renewing your Railcard online and change the name of the second cardholder then you will be requested to provide a new photo. 

    If you are renewing your Railcard at the station, and changing the name of the second cardholder, then you will need to complete an application form and provide new photos for you and the second cardholder (as a new photocard will need to be issued).

    Please note you cannot change the second cardholder part of the way through the year, you will need to buy a new Railcard.

  • When renewing my Two Together Railcard can I change my photo at the same time?
    A: Yes, you will be able to change the photo of you and your travelling companion. 

  • I have purchased a Two Together Railcard, however I have changed my mind and wish to get a different Railcard, can I do this?

    If a customer has bought the Railcard online and returns the Railcard unused and unsigned within the first 5 days of receiving it they can get a refund minus an administration charge.  Otherwise no refunds are possible.

    Station Railcards are non refundable.

  • I have paid my friend for half of the Railcard but now we're no longer friends / can no longer travel together due to a circumstance change - can I get a part refund?
    A: No.  Unfortunately, as you have had the Railcard for some time already, it is possible that you have used the Railcard to take journeys with your friend, and therefore have benefited from Two Together Railcard discounts.  We are unable to give you a refund for the Railcard.

  • If I no longer want to make journeys with the other Railcard holder can I return the Railcard for a refund?
    A: No. Once a Railcard has been issued it cannot be refunded as it is possible to save more than its price in just one journey.

  • Can I change the name of the second cardholder on my Two Together Railcard?
    A: No, you cannot change the second named cardholder on your Two Together Railcard.  If you would like a Two Together Railcard with a different second named person, then you will need to purchase another Two Together Railcard.

  • I am the second named cardholder and want to change the first cardholder's details, how do I do this?
    A: You cannot change the name of the first cardholder. You can purchase a new Two Together Railcard as the first cardholder and you can add your preferred second cardholder.

  • My name has changed, can I get my Two Together Railcard changed?

    Yes. There is a £10 administration charge for this service.

    If you bought your Railcard at a station you will need to take your Railcard in to a staffed station along with a copy of either your Deed Poll or Wedding Certificate.

    If you bought your Railcard online, you will need to call our helpline to order a replacement for an administration fee of £10. You will then be required to post or email us a copy of either your Deed Poll or Wedding Certificate.

  • Is there a charge for changing any details on the Railcard? E.g. incorrect spelling of name/name change, etc.
    A: If you have made an error in your application you must let us know at the first available opportunity.

  • We currently have a Two Together Railcard and we have just got married – how can we update the Railcard with our new name?

    If you bought your Railcard at a station you will need to take your Railcard in to a staffed station along with a copy of your Wedding Certificate.  There is a £10 administration charge for this service.

    If you bought your Railcard online, you will need to call our helpline to order a replacement for an admin fee of £10. You will then be required to post or email us a copy of your Wedding Certificate.

  • I no longer look like my photograph, can I have a new photo on my Two Together Railcard?

    Unless your change in appearance makes it extremely difficult to identify you, we advise that you wait until your Railcard has expired, when you will be able to update your photograph during the renewal process. If, however, this is not suitable, then you can change your photograph for a £10 administration fee.

    If you bought your Railcard from a station, you will need to go into a staffed station with new photographs and your original Railcard to surrender. You will then be issued with a replacement for the £10 administration fee.

    If you bought your Railcard online, you will need to call our helpline to order a replacement for an administration fee of £10. You will then be required to post or email us with the new photograph. You will then be issued with a replacement for the £10 administration fee.

  • What happens if I want to travel somewhere different from my friend? Can I change the 2nd name and photograph?
    A: If you want to make a journey with another friend, you will need to purchase a new Two Together Railcard.

  • What do I do if my Railcard is lost or damaged?
    A: If you bought your Railcard online, you are entitled to apply for one replacement in the event of loss or damage. There is an administration fee of £10 for this service.  We regret that any journeys you make whilst you are without your Railcard will have to be at full fare and any discount lost is not refundable. You will need to log in to your account and order a replacement online. You can only apply for a replacement Railcard seven or more days after the date of the original online purchase.

    If you bought your Railcard at a station, you can go to any staffed station where you must give the completed "Receipt" portion of your original application form to staff – we will not be able to issue any replacements for loss if you do not have the stamped receipt. If your replacement is due to damage you will be required to surrender your old damaged Railcard.  You will have to pay a £10 administration fee.  Don’t forget that you will also need to provide new photos if you need to replace your lost or damaged Two Together Railcard Photocard at a station.  You will also need to get a new Railcard issued as well.

  • I bought my Railcard from a rail station and all of the information on it has faded. What can I do?
    A: Railcards issued at stations are printed on paper. On rare occasions, the way that the surface of the Railcard interacts with the plastic in some ticket wallets destabilises the print and makes it fade. If this has happened to your Railcard you can take it into a staffed rail station and they will replace it free of charge. Most stations will be able to check the validity of the Railcards by running it through the ticket–issuing machine to check when it was originally issued.

  • If I have lost my card more than once, do I get a replacement or will I have to buy a brand new Two Together Railcard?
    A: We are only able to replace your Railcard once during its year of validity.  If you need your Railcard replaced again, you will have to buy a new one.

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